Shut up and Dribble

I made my poem about an incident that happened a little more than a year ago. A Fox News journalist, Laura Ingraham, didn’t like what Lebron James had to say so she went at him in an ignorant way. I decided to do my poem on this situation because racism in sports is a huge deal. When this report first came out it aggravated me a lot, because telling someone that their opinion doesn’t matter just because it doesn’t match yours isn’t right. Also, how she said “shut up and dribble” was unnecessary and racist. The other thing that bothered me about this is when she said “she wasn’t interested in the political advice from someone who gets paid 100 million a year to bounce a ball.” The amount of money you make a year has nothing to do with your political knowledge and just proves how ignorant she is.
So for this assignment I decided to black out some sentences and paragraphs and leave what Laura Ingraham had to say; to show how ignorant and racist she really is. What I learned from this is that yet again racism is still around, and people are still being racist in public and there are little to no punishments that follow.