DIVINE: A play-through analysis of Mean

Takes about five minutes to ‘play’. Once you’re done, come back to this post and respond to the questions in the comments as usual.

-Playable on mobile. Not optimized for it, but playable.
-Reading which requires clicking, for some reason.
-Three whole colors.
-The experience of queer solidarity.

Inspired by the works of Porpentine Charity Heartscape.

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  1. Rose,

    This blog post was so amazing and creative. I loved it!! It really made me think and read in depth before I could move on to the next page. Mean is an interesting word for me, cause it’s something that can be brought upon to someone else, and also upon to me. Being mean holds a lot of power I feel. It asserts itself as dominance. Being mean can be used to put someone down, which then in turn lifts the perpetrator up. Being mean can give power by making someone think that they are better than others, prettier, stronger, smarter, etc.

    To me, being mean does depend on the power you hold over someone. For example, if I say something mean to my sister I know it cuts deep. This is because she cares about my opinion. But if I say something mean to a random person, I don’t know how they feel in response. I’m not close with them so I don’t reap the after effects of the words said to them. Gurba says on page 16, “It’s ok to be mean.” But is it really? I dont think its okay to be mean. I feel as though we as a society still don’t understand the detrimental effects that being mean to one another causes.


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