Trump Tweets

For my found poem, I wanted to do something that is aggravating and make it sort of funny in a way. This poem is made entirely out of words from Donald Trump’s tweets. His tweets to start are already outrageous. So this was a fun experiment to see if I could make the meaning of the poem against Trump. This is a large contrast from the original tweets that Trump talks so highly of himself. I wanted to show the other side and opinions that many people agree with. I wanted the layout to incorporate poetry and stay true to the twitter format. The spacing out of words and different sizes show that it is a found poem. I included Trump’s twitter handle and picture at the top to give the sense of it being another one of his tweets. But, the content is something opposite of what he would say about himself; but said in his own words.

6 thoughts on “Trump Tweets”

  1. Kasey- this is hilarious. I laughed out loud when I read “covfefe”. This is brilliant; you somehow managed to take every arrogant tweet that comes from Trump and turn it into what a lot of people think. It’s funny and ironic that you managed to take his words and rearrange it into something he’d never say, all while in his own words.

  2. Kasey- I enjoy laughing at the idiocy of his tweets every day, but reading your found poem had me rolling around in my bed dying laugh. He is such an idiot and it is so sad that people who voted for him, as well as himself and his team, read these tweets yet feel content that is the perfect candidate to run our country. I love how you arranged the tweets. It is hilarious and the format is just perfect. Great job!

  3. Kasey!!! This is BRILLIANT. I read and reread your found poem. Of course it’s hilarious, that is a given, but it is also so well thought out! I would have never thought of doing this, but it really helps highlight the ridiculousness that our leader puts on social media! Great job!!!

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