Treatment of Woman through Rap Lyrics

For the found poem assignment I chose to use the lyric in the song, U.O.E.N.O. it by Rick Ross featuring Future. The two lines I scrambled in my found poem are, “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it”, and ” I took her home and enjoyed, she ain’t even know it”. The reason I chose this lyric is not only due to the anger that develops when hearing the song but, presenting how the ideal of treating women is presented in our generation. People tend to think that women are being treated better than the past. In actuality a system has been created to manipulate and mistreat women of all races in this world. Whether it is the workplace, sports, or simply in relationships women are seen as the weaker link to men who lack respect and character. The reason I used orange and blue in the found poem is because of the meaning in which they hold. The meaning of the color orange according to the Bourn Creative, “is associated with balance, sexuality, and freedom “. The color orange I also associated with the female gender symbol, to express how a situation such as the rapper Rick Ross raps about drugging women and raping them, creates a sort of symbol of freedom in the sex. Blue according to Bourn Creative is associated with, “depth, trust, loyalty,and sincerity”. The reason I corresponded this color with the male gender symbol is because these are the characteristics in which all men need to develop in relationship with all women whether we know them or not.

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