Racism in Soccer

The article I chose for my found poem is one on racism in soccer. As we know, racism is present throughout the entire world and does not seem to be going away any time soon. Throughout my life I had played soccer and this is why I gravitated towards this article. Racism in soccer is very prevalent and is happening all of the time. Kevin-Prince Boatang is a professional soccer player who has battled with racism throughout his career. It is really disturbing that professional athletes and people all over the world are being called disgusting names and having racial chants being shouted at them. The article explains how even though the league had admitted to the presence of racial chants and prejudice, there was no action towards those people because there had only been ten people reported and it was not noticeable during the game. The referee said he did not hear the chants which allows the the league to dismiss any sanctions against these cruel and cold hearted people. The league is allowing these racist comments to be made without sanctions and this is a terrible thing to see in modern day. Everyone knows this is happening because this has been happening forever but it just gets hidden and never fixed.

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