Laura Ingraham Must Be Fired!!

For my found poem, I chose to do it on the article of Laura Ingraham laughing at Nipsey Hussle and making rude comments in response to him and YG’s (another current rapper) song and video about Donald Trump. When I browsed through my Instagram this weekend looking for something to bring into Monday’s class, I came across the news coverage video of her and her partner laughing and making fun of the late rapper and his colleague. I was immediately outraged and disgusted by the laughing and comments that were presented in my found poem. Her lack of knowledge on the culture, her history of attacking people who oppose Donald Trump (also stated in the poem) or who are of color and lack of respect for the dead and people’s opinions, really caused me to wonder how she became a newscaster and how she continues to work for Fox News, despite her reputation.

It is understandable to have your own opinion, but I feel it should’ve been done in a way that was deferential, especially since she is talking about a man who was recently killed and who was loved and honored by family, friends, and fans due to how much he gave back to his community and made endless efforts to make the world a better place. I feel she was extremely condescending and it is disgusting. It is evident that she is very racist and a horrible image for Fox News. Like stated by all of the other rappers in the article, she needs to be fired.

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    1. Hey guys,
      I just read both of your poems and am absolutely fuming at not only the audacity of this woman but of Fox News to let her keep her position. N’Kele, I saw this video on Twitter this week and was immediately disgusted as well. Nipsey was a man that earned nothing but respect through his work and her comments are clearly based on the fact that she is both ignorant and racist.

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