Katherine Sauro Found Poem

the girl              under my thumb                               the clothes       

  the change                         has come       

  it’s down to me 

the truth                yes      the squirming dog

            it’s alright                                   

    the sweetest

pet in the world                                                   it’s down to me.            change 

has come            take it           do what she’s told                                

  it feels alright 

         her eyes                kept to herself        I can still look at           someone else 

down to me                                             change 

                       has come                                           its alright 

    under my thumb 

I based my found poem on the song “Under My Thumb” by the rolling stones. In this song he is basically saying that he has his girlfriend under his thumb and that she is a “pet.” At one point it says “Her eyes are just kept to herself under my thumb, well I can still look at someone else.” This is a very misogynistic song about a man who is controlling over this women and giving her basically no freedom. 

The reason I made my poem the way I did was because there were so many derogatory terms in the song and I just wanted to add a few because I feel that often when women are in a relationship like this they are silent. Some women don’t stand up for themselves and they stay in a mentally abusive relationship and think that it is normal. For that reason, I used repetition of “its alright”.

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