For my found poem, I chose to write about climate change. I found an article that was published in November of 2018. This article was written by David Malakoff, and it outlines the current state of the United States in terms of climate change. The original title of the article is “Climate Change Poses Major Threat to United Staes, New Government Report Concludes.” Climate change is present today, despite denial from the president, and any administration following the president. Climate change is a serious issue that will devastate the whole entire world, and human population, if action is not taken soon. This article outlines the negative aspects of climate change, and the lack of effort made in order to fix this issue.

I chose to write out the words that I had originally circled, and blacked out of my article. The article was two full pages long, therefore I chose to write out the found words, rather than black them out in the traditional style. I originally had written it out, and added color, however I felt it took away from the overall message. We need to take action in order to avoid the repercussions of climate change, and I hope that my found poem helps to spread this message. Climate change, and the fact that people aren’t worried about its impact is something that angers me, and the found poem was a nice medium to express my anger in regards to the topic. Each of these sentences are fragments from the article, coupled together in order to make sense.

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